Collaborative Mixed Reality Games Workshop at CSCW ’18

Collaborative mixed reality games enable shared social experiences, in which players interact with the physical and virtual game environment, and with other players in real-time. Such social games enable different interaction modes, in which players engage with combinations of co-located physical environments, remote virtual environments, and players, both co-located and remote, to complete game objectives. These sophisticated collaborative systems are not easy to build; rather, they require considerable effort including designing virtual game elements, selecting suitable technologies, defining indoor/outdoor boundaries of play, and ensuring player safety.

Recent advances in technology open a range of opportunities for designing new and innovative collaborative mixed reality games, and valuable insights can be gained from researchers, developers, and players on the challenges, opportunities, and lessons learned through research and design of such games. We assert that a cohesive research agenda is needed to further develop this field, which is currently lacking within the respectively interested research communities. This workshop serves as a bridge between members of the CSCW, HCI, and games community to encourage further studies and collaboration in understanding and designing the next generation of collaborative mixed reality games.

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